HOPE worldwide Indonesia

Social & Health Outreach in Tanah Merah

On the 1st of February, 2020, the HOPE worldwide Indonesia Mother & Child team had the privilege of participating in a multi-organisational Bakti Sosial Pelayanan Kesehatan in Tanah Merah.

Support for the event also came from the Alumni SMA Jakarta Utara, Community of Gus Dur, Pokjar Jakarta Utara, Gereja Kristen Jawa and Sailor Society International Charity.

Heavy rains flooded the site and surrounding areas; causing delays in the arrival of staff and volunteers.

Despite the ankle-deep water and continuing rain, staff continued set-up chairs, medical devices and other equipment with vigour.

The event was soon crowded with mothers and elderly arriving from the community.

Participants were first directed to record their blood pressures and medical history.

This was followed by a wait to meet with one of six doctors for a medical consultation.

Dr Rocky Umboh kindly volunteered his time to assist on the day.

An Australian volunteer, Eugene, provided a speech on keeping a healthy and nutritious diet whilst people waited for their medical consultation.

Mindo, the health manager for the Mother & Child team, also sang a song which taught proper hand-washing technique.

Throughout the day, 326 mothers and elderly members were provided with educational speeches, medical consultations and supplies.

A number of participants were quick to express their gratitude towards present staff.

The day was a heart-warming reminder of the power of determination and togetherness in serving others.

It took everyone working together to turn this event into a success.  

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